Work Experience at the Tower of London

We at the Naz Legacy Foundation are thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity for young people in partnership with Historic Royal Palaces (HRP). For the second year, we are offering a unique, week-long work experience at the iconic Tower of London. This opportunity is exclusive to schools on our Diversity Programme.

This year, in the summer holidays, we will be working with HRP to provide work experience for 12 young people from Y10, 11 and 12. This week promises a blend of learning, hands-on activities, and professional development.

During this week, participants will engage in a variety of experiences, including a day of induction/training, three days of hands-on experience alongside palace staff and volunteers in various departments, and a final day dedicated to sharing, presenting, and reflecting with senior leaders from both organisations.

This collaboration between Historic Royal Palaces and the Naz Legacy Foundation aims to provide an enriching work experience that fosters professional growth and a deeper understanding of our shared heritage.

We are eager to see the creativity, dedication, and insights these young people will bring to this experience. Stay tuned for updates and reflections from our participants as they embark on this exciting journey at the Tower of London!


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Naz Legacy opens the Market at the London Stock Exchange