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The Naz Legacy Foundation has received a silver medal commissioned by the HRH Prince of Wales’ latest charitable initiative – The Pakistan Recovery Fund (PRF).   The limited editions made from one of The Queen’s medal makers are designed to recognise support to the Fund and also act as a public testament to the contributions made by individuals and organisations.  The Foundation helped raise over £170k excluding gift aid in less than two months.

Hina Bokhari on receiving his medal said:

‘our father lived most of his life in the UK, however he never forgot about his roots back home in Pakistan.  He was a strong supporter of HRH initiatives and we felt compiled to help the PRF when approached by our late father’s former pupil Rt Hon Sadiq Khan to support this much needed cause for the flood victims of Pakistan.’

HRH The Prince of Wales’ concern for the situation in Pakistan moved him to make a personal donation in the immediate aftermath of the floods. Subsequently he set up the Pakistan Recovery Fund, a time-bound initiative dedicated to raising between £2-5milliion for flood victims.

In his speech at the gala dinner HRH The Prince of Wales’ re-iterated both his personal affinity with Pakistan and the pressing need to address the humanitarian challenges the country is facing. His reaction to the damage caused by the floods was to ‘turn to [his] charities to see what practical support they could offer…and several groups answered this call straight away.’  The people of Pakistan ‘need our help and we must not be silent in their time need.’  He spoke about the need to ‘draw the spotlight’ back onto the victims of the Pakistani floods. With the Fund we ‘have the opportunity to rebuild towns and villages and infrastructure, not to mention livelihoods and health.  HRH explained that fund places the ‘highest possible priority on transparency, quality control and delivery on the ground.’  HRH expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone in joining him to support the cause.

The Pakistan Recovery Fund has been convened by the British Asian Trust, one of HRH The Prince of Wales’ charities. The British Asian Trust will work alongside partner organisations and local delivery partners to ensure transparency and accountability. They will employ a robust due diligence process, which will allow funds to be channeled to effective local delivery partners operating in the Punjab and Sindh regions. The Pakistan Recovery Fund aims to provide support in four key areas: homes, education, health and livelihoods. Without basic shelter, protection from common disease and an opportunity to learn and develop, Pakistan will struggle to rebuild itself.

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HRH The Prince of Wales speaking about Pakistan and the PRF

The Central Hall, Natural History Museum

Rt Hon Sadiq Khan (middle) congratulates Gold Medal recipients Akbar Sheikh, Cosaraf Charitable Foundation (left) and Shabir Nawab, Shabir Nawab & Co Accountant (right)


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