Omar Ouladissa awarded Naz Bokhari Award

Omar Ouladissa awarded Naz Bokhari Award

25th Oct 2013

Omar Ouladissa award Naz Bokhari Award

Imran Sanaullah,the inaugural winner of the Naz Bokhari Award, presented the Ernest Bevin College Naz Bokhari Award 2013 to Omar Ouladissa (second from left in the photo) last month.

Sanaullah said how the Naz Bokhari Award had changed his life and said “anything is possible if you work hard enough.” He presented Oouladissa with the award and a cheque for £500 to help support him in his first year at university.

A surprised Ouladissa said: “I would like to thank everyone for the support they have given me, the staff at Ernest Bevin College and my peers. I am not used to winning awards. This is a surprise, a pleasant surprise and I hope to do this award, the foundation and the previous winner justice.”

“It is often said that ‘the youth are our future’, but the Naz Legacy Foundation is one of the few organisations that actually aims to invest in the future by proving young people with the support when they really need it, thus continuing the legacy of the late Mr Bokhari,” said Sanaullah.

The Award is an annual award for students who achieve university acceptance despite adversity, who had to strive harder than others due to personal or social issues. This award recognises resilience and perseverance, qualities that Naz had and promoted.

Nominated by their peers and teachers at the College, the winner is chosen by the Principals each year.


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