Usman Ali – Speaking At The Labour Party Conference

Usman Ali is the first person to speak after Ed Miliband (Leader of the Opposition) at the opening of the Labour Party Conference – he starts by quoting the late Naz Bokhari – ‘It is not what you do in your lifetime that really matters, it is the legacy you leave behind for the next generations to follow that makes a difference.’ Also see Chuka Umunaa (Shadow SoS Business) tweet:

The first Muslim Vice President of the National Union of Students (NUS), Usman Ali said: ‘Naz Bokhari’s achievements go beyond words and he is an inspiration to many people like me and many others. His example, selflessness, drive and passion has given belief to young people in raising aspirations to aim higher and giving many like me the belief to be where we are today. Being the first Muslim Vice President in the history of the NUS is due to his leadership example.’


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