St John’s Wood Synagogue 2018: Highlights and Impact

Naz Legacy Foundation organised an Interfaith Iftar hosted at the St John’s Wood Synagogue on Wednesday 30th May 2018. Speakers included Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Bishop of London and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The event empowered and raised the aspirations of 150 young people aged 18-30 years old (the average age was 24), representing all 32 boroughs of London, from all faiths and none and provided wonderful opportunity to celebrate faith in the centre of our vibrant and diverse capital. The young people came together to discuss how they best thought they could bring faith and non faith communities together in London for the betterment of all our communities.

Further to the Interfaith Iftar, the Foundation carried out an impact assessment and asked everyone involved how they found the day. Some of the highlights from the report are below,

– 54% of the young people had never been to an iftar before

– 79% had never been to an interfaith iftar 

– 44% had never been to a synagogue.  

– 89% strongly agreeing/agreed the iftar was inspiring

– 79% strongly agreed/agreed that they had increased knowledge about other faiths as a direct result of the iftar 

– 86% felt positive that the event improved access to people from different faiths

– 94% of the young people felt positive about taking part in more social action projects with people from different faiths in result of the iftar 

– 88% felt confident that they would keep in touch with people that they had met at the Iftar. 

– Over 50% young people from faiths that they had not met before despite living in multi-cultural London.  This resulted in a 21%-point increase in the respondents’ knowledge of other faiths post-Iftar. 

– Overall 97% rated the Iftar as Good or Excellent.

The full report can be read here:

Naz Legacy – Interfaith Iftar 2018 Evaluaiton report

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