PRF Mosque Medal Ceremony

The Foundation organised the PRF Mosque Medal Ceremony at the House of Commons.

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The News: Role of mosques in Pak flood recovery praised

From Pakistan Recovery Fund Website:

February 9th, 2012

MPs celebrate Mosque’s support for the PRF


‘The floods absolutely devastated countless families in Pakistan, but despite the dire economic times, this amazing initiative has raised significant sums for people in real need. Lives cannot be brought back, but the Fund has delivered support and hope. I want to relay my thanks and congratulations both to the organisers, and the Fund’s supporters in Mosques up and down the country, without whose help, this would not have been possible.– Zac Goldsmith MP


‘The Pakistan Recovery Fund is a fantastic initiative led by HRH the Prince of Wales to support the people of Pakistan after the greatest natural disaster to have ever hit their country.’– Anas Sarwar MP


‘The Pakistani people are dealing with a major humanitarian crisis in the wake of the 2010 floods, and it is truly commendable that individuals in Brighton and across the country have been able to offer a contribution to the relief effort even in these difficult economic times.’– Caroline Lucas MP


Yesterday, the Pakistan Recovery Fund (PRF) celebrated the Mosque Campaign, setup by the Muslim Directory, with an event at the House of Commons.


Zac Goldsmith and Caroline Lucas


The campaign asked mosques to donate some of their Jummah collection to help the work of HRH The Prince of Wales, in Pakistan. To date mosques in Leyton, Kingston, Ealing, Sutton, Glasgow, Manchester, Epsom, Brighton and Sheffield have taken part in the appeal. Each mosque has donated a minimum of £1,000. To celebrate their commitment each mosque was awarded a bronze medal commissioned by the Fund.The event witnessed, for perhaps the first time, the collaborative support of cross party MPs and their local mosques. Every mosque’s constituent MP attended the event to show their support for the work mosques have done. Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green Party MPs joined together to thank the Islamic community for responding to the call of the Prince. The Rt. Hon Sadiq Khan chaired the event.  MPs present at the event were: Rt Hon Ed Davey (Secretary of State), Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP (Shadow Lord Chancellor), Rt Hon Simon Hughes (Deputy Leader of Liberal Democrats), Rt Hon Chris Graylings (Minister of DWP), Paul Burstow (Minister of Health), Caroline Lucas (Green Party), John Cryer (Labour Party), Tony Lloyd (Labour Party), Zac Goldsmith (Conservative Party), Stephen Pound (Labour Party), Tom Brake (Liberal Democrats),  Anas Sarwar (Labour), Jane Ellison (Conservative Party), John Ashworth (Labour Party), Stephen Hammond (Conservative Party) and Yasmin Qureshi (Labour Party).

Sir Iqbal celebrating the Fund

Sir Iqbal Sacranie OBE spoke passionately about the need for all local communities to come together to support Pakistan. He commended HRH The Prince of Wales for addressing public concerns around transparency, and corruption by setting up a credible and secure conduit for fundraising. John O’Brien, Special Representative to HRH, added to this sentiment by echoing his own personal concern for the flood victims in Pakistan. He explained that the Fund will seek to help rebuild lives, homes and enterprise in the Sindh region.

The Fund would like to thank the Muslim Directory, the Mosques, every MP and the team that made this event possible.To date the Mosque Campaign has donated more than £16,000 and the PRF is hoping to engage with other mosques over the Ramadaan period.If you are interested in participating in this nationwide campaign please contact the Fund at [email protected]

The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP



The Pakistan Recovery Fund is a charitable initiative convened at the behest of its patron, HRH The Prince of Wales. The Fund seeks to raise money for flood-affected victims in Pakistan.


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