Naz Legacy opens the Market at the London Stock Exchange

On 5th May, the Naz Legacy Foundation made history by becoming the first charity to celebrate Eid by opening the Market at the London Stock Exchange. Over 15 young people and business leaders attended the event to highlight Muslims’ contribution to the British financial sector.

Three students from schools on the Diversity Programme opened the market as part of the customary ceremony. After the market opened, the young people were told more about the work LSEG do, tips on networking and building their own brand, and career advice provided by industrial placement students. The event was a big success, with connections being made and young people getting a good insight into the world of finance.

We would like to thank the Rangoonwala Foundation and COSARAF for their support.




Work Experience at the Tower of London


Naz Legacy closes the Market at the London Stock Exchange


Statement: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II