Founder Appointed as Trustee at the Natural History Museum

We’re thrilled to announce that the Prime Minister has appointed our founder and trustee, Harris Bokhari OBE, to the Natural History Museum Board of Trustees. 

Following his appointment, Harris had the following to say “I am delighted to be joining the Natural History Museum as a trustee. The museum is a true national treasure, home to one of the world’s most important natural history collections, with a crucial mandate to educate on some of our most prescient global issues. I am looking forward to doing all I can to bring the awe-inspiring experience of visiting the Natural History Museum to new audiences. I personally have so many fond memories of roaming the Museum as a child and getting lost in the new worlds it exposed to me. Sadly for many other children of BAME backgrounds this is has not been the case. Therefore, one of my personal priorities will be to ensure that the Museum continues to reach out to diverse audiences, so that we can all equally share in its joy and wonder. Being the currently the only British born Muslim trustee of a major British Museum just shows how far we have to go to achieve adequate BAME representation in the leadership of British cultural institutions. These institutions play such an important role in helping our society connect with their heritage. Having governance teams who reflect the realities of contemporary, diverse Britain will be an important step towards achieving that.”

The Government’s announcement can be viewed here


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