BCBN Annual Event 2014



Over 600 people attended the Better Community Business Network (BCBN) 3rd annual event on Monday 24th February to raise an incredible total of £205,800 for the Date Palm Project and BCBN Grant Initiative. Special guest, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Nick Clegg, spoke passionately about the rehabilitation of offenders. In his exclusive press interview to BCBN, he applauded the project for its groundbreaking collaboration between St Mungo’s and the Better Community Business Network.

“The Date Palm Project really epitomises the kind of reforms I want to see with the criminal justice system. This is taking young offenders who are alienated from their communities, ostracised from their families [and] pointing them in the right direction…”

The Deputy Prime Minister is a keen supporter of BCBN causes and commended the charity for its key role in working with local community projects.

“As someone who is a great supporter of grass root projects, I do think BCBN is a model for others to follow”


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