2015 Winner

In 2015, the Naz Bokhari Award was presented to Viknesh Jeevachandran by Imran Sanaullah, the inaugural winner of the Naz Bokhari Award. Viknesh achieved grades A*, A* and A in Psychology, Biology and English Literature respectively and received a place at the University of Bath to study Psychology.

He said:
“To be chosen as the winner of this award amongst many deserving nominees is a great privilege and adds immensely to the fond memories I will have of Ernest Bevin College. It was thanks to the support of great friends, family and teachers that I am able to pursue my career at my dream university and look forward to working with the Naz Legacy foundation along the way.”

Naz Bokhari’s daughter, Hina Bokhari said:
“The Naz Legacy Foundation is looking forward to working with Viknesh. We hope that he, like the previous winners, will feel like we can change his life for the better. The Foundation aims to continue our father’s work by inspiring others to be the best they can be by mentoring and providing opportunities that will help our winners succeed in life.”
Later that week, Viknesh and 2014 winner Tre Johnson enjoyed a private tour of Clarence House and were joined by 2012 winner Imran Sanaullah to network and have dinner (including a tour of the kitchen) at The Savoy Grill, a restaurant of Gordan Ramsay.