On 22nd February 2022, Naz Legacy Foundation, in partnership with The Chief Rabbi’s Office, hosted a one-day Interfaith Workshop focusing on empowering young people to recognise and challenge hate speech in person and online. The workshop was organised to encourage positive dialogue and understanding between students from Islamic and Jewish faith schools in London. 26 students from 5 different faith schools attended.

Throughout the day, the young people took part in several workshops, including,

  • Examining language use and prejudiced terms (Facilitator: CST & Hope not Hate)
  • Exploring the role social media plays (Anti-Semitism Policy Trust & Redbridge Council)
  • Conflict Resolution: How to respect and understand each other if we have different opinions (Solution Not Sides)

These sessions were planned to be interactive with a focus on learning through experience and not through passive listening. Each session revolved around a question or an idea encouraging the participants to go on a journey towards understanding the complexities of the issues at stake. The intention was not to provide solutions to every issue, but to raise awareness of the prevalence of antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred, how it can present, its causal factors, and how to challenge these. The Key Pedagogy of the workshops were collaborative working, problem-solving, interaction, and cooperation between groups.

The evaluation report from the day can be found here.