Great Institutions of State

Diversity Programme educates young minds of the importance of the institutions of state and voting.

Date: Monday 16th May 2016

Venues: Special Venue, Royal Over-Seas League Club, Parliament, House of Lords & 10 Downing Street

During the day 50 students from 5 schools from attended sessions with:

Guest Speaker: The Role of the Monarchy in the 21st Century & HRH Prince of Wales
Deputy Lieutenant of Surrey – Brigadier PAD Evans OBE DL: Role of the Monarchy & Her Majesty The Queen Baroness Stowell, Leader of the Lords: Role of Parliament and the importance of voting The diversity programme, supported by Mosaic, a mentoring initiative founded by HRH The Prince of Wales and the Times Education Supplement, encourages young people from deprived and minority communities to visit a cultural institutions for the first time and learn about the rich heritage of diverse role models in Britain.

The Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP said:

‘I am delighted to once again lend my support to the Naz Legacy Foundation’s Diversity Programme, and welcome the vital role that it plays in educating students about how government works and the importance of voting.

It is crucial that people of all age groups and backgrounds participate in our democracy. Democracy has to be inclusive and representative – one way we can ensure that is to cerebrate programmes like this, which represents these very qualities.

Her Majesty The Queen is at the heart of our constitution and serves this country with outstanding dedication, grace and humility. As we celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday year, I am please your students will be able to learn more how Her role contributes to and complements our vibrant democracy.’

Leader of the House of Lords (Baroness Stowell of Beeston) said:

‘I am delighted to support the the Naz Legacy Foundation’s Diversity Programme in opening up our great public institutions to young people from all backgrounds. It is vital that everyone has a determination to be successful and is able to play their part in public life. With events in Parliament the Foundation is helping those from some of our most disadvantaged communities gain the confidence to they need to do just that.

Hina Bokhari, daughter of the late Naz Bokhari said:

‘There has never been a more important time to educate young people from challenging backgrounds about the importance of the State and voting.’

Michael More-Molyneux, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Surry said:

I am delighted to support the Naz Legacy Foundation Diversity Programme and its work on educating young people about the role of the government and the monarchy . Since my appointment as Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, I have been committed about encouraging and supporting the voluntary, charitable sectors. It is wonderful that this foundation promotes excellence in education and positive integration and helps children learn about British society. The foundation continues the legacy of the inspirational Naz Bokhari, the first Muslim Asian head teacher in Britain, who lived in Surrey most of his life. He encouraged his children to visit local educational sights and this continues to be the aim of the charity set up by his children today. In the year we celebrate her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday, the Diversity programme will give young people a chance to visit a Royal household, Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing St, which will be a truly unforgettable and inspiring day. I wish them a successful day and experience.

Feedback from Teachers and Students:

Chris Hill Teacher – Park View School said:

The chance to visit a Royal Household, 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament is not something many of us ever get to experience, even less so for students at our school. For many, these institutions are seen as an almost parallel universe, something reserved for the privileged and not for students from often disadvantaged backgrounds. They see them on TV, hear about them, but often find them unobtainable. Experiences like Monday are vital for our students. They start to break down the idea that Parliament is an exclusive club, that class will always prevail over hard work, that it’s who you know and not what you know and it shows them if they dedicate themselves to a goal, anything is achievable and nothing is out of reach. While there is still much work to be done to make it a level playing field for students from our school, your organisation is doing vital work that can only help us instil in our students aspirations that go far beyond the classroom. Your engagement with the students was an added bonus as they need to see how positive role models, other than their teachers, interact with each other. It will help shape them as individuals.

Adrian Clarke Teacher, Ernest Bevin College said:

The educational experience was invaluable … . (speakers) comments made a strong impact on all of our pupils all. This day combines both active citizenship with historical symbolism and showcases education at is best. I am convinced that it has left a positive impression and an indelible mark on the imagination of all our pupils.

Misba Mulan – Eden Girls Student said:

(day) has made me realise how young people from all backgrounds and all genders believe they could be in those positions too one day. Many people think young Muslim women aren’t capable of much and don’t expect a lot from them , this shows them what we’re cable of.

Jonathan Payne – Westminster Academy Teacher said:

(day) gave our students a unique insight into some important aspects of British cultural heritage

William Bówles – Park View School Student said:

I think the trip helps with aspirations because previously I thought that a lot of these types of places were for certain people only, like have those who have a rich background. There is still a lot to do with class and privilege but I realised I can also make it there if I want to.

Oscar Souchaud – Westminster Academy Student said:

gave me an insight into the royal family, more particularly I enjoyed finding out how important of a role Prince Charles had ….. made the whole political system seem less distant to me

Mahriya Zahid – Eden Girls Student said:

I think it was amazing that people from all different backgrounds were there and it really helped understand that this country is a very diverse place and I am very proud of that.

Mehmetcan Bayar – Park View School Student said:

I personally enjoyed going to the Houses of Parliament as when I’m older would one day like to become Prime Minister and this has really widened my horizon into how important this job is, plus this trip has really affected my self-esteem in a positive way and made me believe in myself more. Furthermore I would like to really thank you with this beautiful trip that I never in my life would’ve thought that I could’ve been invited to, I really appreciated the fact that I got to learn more about my home country. It was huge opportunity to meet Tina Stowell who taught us that anyone can do whatever they want with their life, as long as they work hard.

Anton Hague – Park View School Student said:

My favourite part was being in House of Commons with Baroness Stowell because we were so close to the place where the decisions that change the country are made. I’d one day like to try and influence our country for the better.

Erol – Park View School Student said:

In terms of aspirations it has allowed me to take an interest in politics, so hopefully when I am older I can be a politician and help makes people’s lives better.

Sharwyn Gordon, Ernest Bevin College said:

(day) was a life changing experience

Safa Tuema & Aleksandras Liauska – Westminster Academy Students | Maria-Lilya Abbas – Eden Girls Student | Mehmetcan Bayar & Barry Chimonides & Anton Hague – Park View School Student said:

opportunity of a lifetime

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