Diversity Days 2024

On Thursday 23rd May, Year 7 students from three schools joined us for an exciting Diversity Day which offered a unique blend of outdoor learning and museum exploration. The day commenced with an Urban Nature Workshop set amidst the scenic beauty of Hyde Park. Students delved into the variety and dynamics of nature living within our urban landscapes. Through conducting scientific data collection, the students evaluated the impact that the urban environment and human use of the space have had on the biodiversity of Hyde Park. Students compared two sites in the Park for this study and calculated the mean before reporting the data in a bar chart. This built curriculum-linked skills in teamwork and observation, as well as enhancing the students’ knowledge of scientific research processes. Following the workshop, students travelled to the Natural History Museum to explore the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Students explored the rest of the museum, considering the adaptations nature has made to survive its changing climate and environment.

Student response:

  • “This workshop allowed me to see the beautiful nature of the UK”.
  • “I learnt the art of observation and how humans impact nature and wildlife”.
  • “It is our responsibility to be taking care of wildlife and different species”.
  • “I learnt how to calculate the mean in the scientific investigation”.

Thank you to the team at Royal Parks for running such an engaging workshop and to the Natural History Museum for access to the incredible exhibition.



On Tuesday, 7th May, an unforgettable day unfolded as 40 Year 9 students embarked on a thrilling journey with the Royal Navy. They visited HMS President for a Royal Navy Diversity Day, delving deep into the intricacies of naval operations. Exploring the country’s most significant Royal Naval Reserve Unit, the students were treated to stunning views of the River Thames and Tower Bridge from the deck. Students engaged in various practical activities such as circuit building, teamwork exercises, Fire Brigade training, and prioritisation tasks, where they honed their teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills and gained invaluable insights into Navy life. The team facilitated an enlightening Q&A session, where students eagerly inquired about their experiences and explored diverse career opportunities within the Navy. The day ended with awards being presented for ‘Demonstrating Royal Navy Core Values,’ and three students proudly received this recognition. 

Student response:

  • “Teamwork and communication is key to fix any sort of problem.”
  • “The Royal Navy is more important to Britain than I thought.”
  • “It has made me more confident and a better leader.”
  • “It prompted me to think differently about working with different people.”

Thank you to the team at HMS President for hosting such an enriching experience for the students.



On the 5th March, Naz Legacy Foundation, in partnership with the FA, hosted 55 students from 4 different schools for an unforgettable Diversity Day at the iconic Wembley Stadium. It was an inspiring journey filled with learning, networking, and moments that will be cherished forever.

The day kicked off with an insightful presentation on the FA and opportunities within the realm of football. Following this enriching session, the students engaged in speed networking with dynamic and diverse young women holding various roles in the FA, where our students gained firsthand insights into the diverse array of careers available within the football ecosystem. One of the highlights of the day was the exclusive tour of Wembley Stadium, where our students had the privilege of exploring the royal corridors, VIP areas, and the legendary press conference room – the largest in Europe! Walking through the prestigious team dressing rooms, still resonating with the echoes of historic victories, was nothing short of surreal. But the pinnacle of the experience came with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – a pitch-side photo session! Standing on the hallowed grounds where countless football legends have left their mark, our students felt a profound sense of privilege and inspiration. The day concluded with a captivating Q&A session featuring the esteemed Rachel Yankey OBE, who graciously shared her invaluable insights and experiences from her illustrious football career. Her words resonated deeply with our students, leaving them motivated and inspired to pursue their dreams.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the FA and Rachel for hosting the event, which was a resounding success #FADiversityDay #WembleyStadium #EmpoweringFutureFemaleLeaders

Student response:

“Women should express themselves and not be afraid to show their talent”

“I learnt that there is more to football than playing”

“I learnt to always strive for success and to explore the opportunities all around us”

“This has definitely pushed and encouraged me to follow my passion!”



On February 22nd, we were delighted to visit Downing College, University of Cambridge, with 37 students from Azhar Academy, Ernest Bevin, Eastbrook, and Lantern of Knowledge. The event, kindly supported by COSARAF, featured Downing College student ambassadors who shared insights into student life including their schedules, experiences of their subjects, and their involvement in Cambridge traditions and societies. Dr Kamran, an Admissions tutor, hosted an engaging Q&A which covered application tips and introduced ‘Supercurricular’ activities, a great way of demonstrating a passion for their chosen subject. A guided tour of the beautiful college campus showcased the study and recreational spaces, allowing students to visualise university life. Finally, students gained valuable information on student finance and support opportunities. 

Student response:

“It showed me how universities provide support and how welcoming they are”

“I learnt that the stereotypes built around Cambridge are not so true, and if you get good grades, you have a chance of getting into Cambridge, regardless of your background”

“It made me feel empowered, and it widened my knowledge and understanding of the campus and university”

“I learnt how the college structure works”

A sincere appreciation to COSARAF for sponsoring this event and to the team at Downing College for inspiring the students and generously sharing valuable insights and experiences, encouraging them to explore Cambridge University as a potential choice for their academic future. 



On Wednesday 7th February we were delighted to be joined by Year 10 students from 3 different schools for an enriching visit to the Norton Rose Fulbright office in London. Commencing with a strategically designed icebreaker, the day unfolded with a comprehensive presentation, providing our students with a profound understanding of the multifaceted legal services offered by this esteemed firm.

A highlight of the itinerary was the engaging speed networking session, affording our students the privilege of connecting with accomplished young lawyers and apprentices. The invaluable exchange of insights and guidance provided an authentic glimpse into the dynamic world of legal professionals. The tour of the impressive offices led to a team challenge, wherein students applied their acquired knowledge to a case study. The ensuing presentations were met with constructive feedback from a panel of judges, contributing to a holistic learning experience.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the entire team at Norton Rose Fulbright for orchestrating this opportunity. Your dedication to nurturing the future generation of legal professionals is commendable.

Student response:
“I learnt how to present and be confident in a topic”

“I learnt about the intricacies of corporate law and the jobs and careers available”

“You do not always have to study law to have a career as a lawyer”


On Thursday 25th January, 24 students joined us in visiting the Holocaust Galleries at the Imperial War Museum for an insightful educational experience.

The visit involved a sombre exploration of the exhibition, followed by an interactive workshop that delved deeply into the historical context. Through a unique and immersive journey through time, students gained a comprehensive understanding of Hitler’s role and the devastating atrocities of the Holocaust. The visit aimed to foster empathy and promote a meaningful reflection on this dark chapter in history. The Year 9 students expressed the impact of this visit in bringing their current studies of this area of history to life.

Student feedback:

“It really encouraged me to think more into how the victims must have felt and how drastically their lives changed”

“It is good as it helps us as individuals to understand the struggles of others”

“Sitting at a desk and actually going around and looking at history and personal stories are vastly different”

A huge thank you to the staff at the Imperial War Museum for facilitating an eye-opening experience and to the students for engaging so well in the day and playing such an active role in discussions.