Community Cohesion

Beginning in October 2020, the Naz Legacy Foundation launched a new series of virtual Community Cohesion workshops. These workshops are designed for young people and are focused on tackling hateful ideologies and the importance of community building and civic participation as methods to achieve this. The workshops are two-part:
1) The first workshop  works on bringing communities together This presentations cover:

  • Islamic values – including tackling different forms of oppression
  • Islamic community obligations, the role of the citizen and how communities can work together to tackle hateful ideologies
  • What is far-right extremism?

Touching on:

  • The response to the BLM Movement, refugees, minority communities and conspiracy theories
  • Why people get involved in far-right extremism
  • The challenges we face
  • What we can do to tackle it as communities and individuals
2) The second workshop is focused on civic participation and community building and is led by the Patchwork Foundation, a UK-based charity committed to strengthening democracy and is focused on engaging young people from communities and individuals that are traditionally underrepresented. The session covers:
  • Background to civic participation and UK democracy
  • Outlining the building blocks for creating change
  • How young people can build power as individuals and collective communities
  • How to create change – a combination of case studies, tools and experiential facilitation
We hope that going forwards, we will be able to further develop our work on these themes with young people. We are grateful to the support of the COSARAF Foundation and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime for generously supporting this programme.