Community Cohesion

Beginning in October 2020, the Naz Legacy Foundation launched a new series of  Community Cohesion workshops. These workshops are designed for young people and are focused on tackling hateful ideologies and the importance of community building and civic participation. The Foundation is working with Islamic scholars who are experts in countering extremism . The workshops are three-part:

  • Workshop 1: 1.5hours: This workshop covers what extremism is and signs of radical theology, including misogyny. This workshop explores radical ideas, signs of extremism and how to challenge extremist ideas using Islamic theology. 
  • Workshop 2: 1.5 hours: This workshop covers how to engage in civil society and tackles anti-democratic ideology. This workshop will explore British democracy, British values and why it is important to engage in society and the Islamic theological reasons  for this. 
  • Workshop 3: 45minutes: Looking over key themes explored in previous workshops and completion of a monitoring and evaluation workshop.

The workshops are run by experienced, qualified facilitators and include presentations, quizzes and activities for the young people. They are available to all year groups from Year 7-11. 

Schools interested in booking these workshops, can contact the charity on [email protected] for more informations. 

 We are grateful to the support of the COSARAF Foundation and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime for generously supporting this programme.