Boris Johnson – Speech

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London hosts this year’s annual reception.

Lynton Crosby AO – Speech

Lynton Crosby, dear friend and supporter of the foundation speaking at this year’s reception.

HRH The Prince of Wales: Message of Support

Sir Edward Lister – Speech

Sir Edward Lister, current Deputy Mayor of London, was a good friend of Naz and was Leader of Wandsworth Council when Naz was the Principal of Ernest Bevin College. Listen to his speech at this year’s annual reception.

Samuel Grzybowski – Interfaith World Tour

Samuel Grzybowski, dear friend of the Naz Legacy Foundation, on his interfaith world tour – well done Samuel

Muhammed Furqan – Mosaic’s International Leadership Programme

The Foundation is proud to be mentoring Muhammed Furqan over the next 12 months. Muhammed was a Pakistani delegate of Mosaic’s International Leadership Programme. Watch his video explaining what he learnt during his two weeks at Cambridge University.

Check out Muhammed Furqan’s fantastic photographic work highlighting important issues which are impacting the lives of ordinary people in Pakistan.

Change their lives

Teach First – “One word, one line, can change somebody’s whole life.” Spoken-word artist Sonny Green shares his thoughts on what it means to be a teacher. Educational disadvantage is unfair and unacceptable, and you can help us get to grips with it. Join us in realising our vision: No child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background.

Imran elected as Vice President of Westminster University Law Society

Imran Sanaullah, winner of the inaugural Naz Bokhari Award is elected as Vice President of the Westminster University Law Society – well done Imran!

EBC Student Produces Video Promo

Zeeshan Khalid, student from Ernest Bevin College produced a mini promotion video of the Naz Bokhari Award 2013 with interviews with Imran Sanaullah, Omar Ouladissa and Hina Bokhari. Thank you Zeeshan for your great camera work, you have a bright future in front of you!

Omar Awarded Ernest Bevin College Naz Bokhari Award 2013

Imran Sanaullah the inaugural winner of the Naz Bokhari Award presented the Ernest Bevin College Naz Bokhari Award 2013 to Omar Ouladissa.

Imran gave an inspirational speech to the sixth formers, before announcing the winner, he talked how the Naz Bokhari Award had changed his life and said anything is possible if you work hard enough. He then presented Omar with a crystal award and cheque for £500 to support him in his first year at university.

The Ernest Bevin College Naz Bokhari Award is an annual award for students who achieve university acceptance despite adversity, who had to strive harder than others due to personal or social issues. This award recognises resilience and perseverance, qualities that Naz had and promoted. Nominated by their peers and teachers at the College, the winner is chosen by the Principals each year.