Diversity Programme: Schools and MPs annouced

The Foundation is proud to announce the four schools taking part at the launch of the Diversity Programme. They will be Naz’s college where he become the first Muslim / Asian head teacher, Ernest Bevin College and they will be joined by  Al-Risalah Secondary School, Westminster Academy and Stepney Green College.

The Foundation is also happy to announce that we will be joined by two great supporters of our at the launch Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP and Zac Goldsmith MP.  They will be joining the students from Ernest Bevin College, Al Risalah Secondary School, Westminster Academy and Stepney Green College during their educational session.

We are very excited and looking forward to meeting you at the launch!


Why the National Portrait Gallery?

The Foundation approached the National Portrait Gallery in London because they are one of the best examples of a cultural institution which has gone out of their way to create a more diverse collection of portraiture which portrays all the rich heritage and modern day diversity which makes our country great.   Please watch this fantastic video about the Gallery and their Director Sandy Naire who is leading the way to create a legacy of diversity for generations to learn and benefit from.

Click here to read more about Cultural Diversity at the National Portrait Gallery

You can find out more about the National Portrait Gallery’s Young People programme by clicking here: http://www.npg.org.uk/blog/young-peoples-programme.php

Why the Diversity Programme?

The Foundation is proud to announce the launch of the Naz Legacy Diversity Programme.   This initiative aims to provide more opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds living in some of the most deprived areas in the country to visit galleries, museums and theatres for the first time. Naz’s own children know just how important this was to him. Often weekends and school holidays were spent going to exhibitions and visiting stately homes.  He enriched their learning and education with culture and arts which was an alien concept to most ethnic minorities at that time.  Learning in this way, broadened their understanding of the world and it is this that the Foundation wants to promote.

Despite a rise in numbers of visitors to Museums and Galleries there hasn’t been a significant impact on visitors from ‘socially excluded’ communities.  A Mori study in 2000 found that people with a degree are almost four times as likely to visit a gallery as those with no formal qualification. This is why The National Portrait Gallery (The Gallery) in collaboration with The Foundation are launching the Programme.  At the launch four schools will have the special opportunity to visit The Gallery and encounter diverse stories, including that of Ayuba Sulieman Diallo, a famous Muslim who became a victim of the Atlantic slave trade, only to be freed later in England.  The Foundation will highlight and promote The Gallery’s work with diverse audiences includes various community programmes, internships and apprenticeships, and a three-year project working with NEET (not in education, employment or training) young people to encourage them to visit the Gallery for the first time.

The Diversity Programme is being supported by National Portrait Gallery, Time Educational Supplement, the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office and HRH The Prince of Wales’ Mosaic.

Why we love museums?

Why do you love Museums? Watch out for our big announcement about this year’s annual reception and ‘Diversity Programme’ – very excited – watch this space!

TESSAs 2013

Nominate your headteacher, teacher, school of the year! Submit entries by midnight Sunday 6 April.


Business in the Community’s Leadership Summit 2014

Business can be part of the solution to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Business in the Community’s Leadership Summit 2014, in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales, explored how businesses can forge a new contract with society which fulfils this social purpose and regains public trust.


BCBN Annual Event 2014



Over 600 people attended the Better Community Business Network (BCBN) 3rd annual event on Monday 24th February to raise an incredible total of £205,800 for the Date Palm Project and BCBN Grant Initiative. Special guest, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Nick Clegg, spoke passionately about the rehabilitation of offenders. In his exclusive press interview to BCBN, he applauded the project for its groundbreaking collaboration between St Mungo’s and the Better Community Business Network.

“The Date Palm Project really epitomises the kind of reforms I want to see with the criminal justice system. This is taking young offenders who are alienated from their communities, ostracised from their families [and] pointing them in the right direction…”

The Deputy Prime Minister is a keen supporter of BCBN causes and commended the charity for its key role in working with local community projects.

“As someone who is a great supporter of grass root projects, I do think BCBN is a model for others to follow”

The Deputy Prime Minister Reception


The Foundation was honoured to be invited to the reception yesterday with The Deputy Prime Minister

Message from Three Faith Forum:

Yesterday, our choir the Mixed Up Chorus performed at an interfaith reception in Whitehall, hosted by none other than Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. Not bad for a first gig!

Naz Bokhari Award winners meet former Archbishop of Canterbury



Omar Ouladissa (Naz Bokhari Award 2013) and Imran Sanaullah (Naz Bokhari Award 2012) were invited to join a private dinner with the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Rowan Williams.

Foundation mentioned by HRH The Prince of Wales

A speech by HRH The Price of Wales at the Mosaic International Leadership Programme, 11 September 2013, Clarence House. HRH The Prince of Wales – “I was so delighted that HRH (Princess Badiya) was award the inaugural Naz Legacy Foundation honorary education fellowship by the Mayor of London.”