Parliament 2021

On 21 January 2021, Naz Legacy Foundation held a UK Parliament virtual Diversity Day. Over 200 students from five schools attended, receiving an ‘Introduction to Parliament’ workshop led by the 
UK Parliament Education Team. Students spoke about freedom of speech, our rights, power and equality as being essential components of our democracy.

They also got the chance to speak to their local MP about issues that mattered to them. We were so lucky to be joined by Stella Creasy (MP for Walthamstow) and Wes Streeting (MP for Ilford North and Shadow Minister for Schools). Here are some of the students’ great ideas about improvements that could be made to our society:

·        Schools to provide healthy food to students so we can reduce the sick people in hospitals to save the NHS money

·        It should be easier for jobless people to get a job easily

·        Legal age of voting should be 16

·        University fees cheaper for people who cant afford it

·        Homeless people taken into mind more

·        Better ways of learning & change in education system

We look forward to delivering more sessions virtually to students this term, and providing more outlets for them to make their voices heard. 

Dealing With Grief

2020 has been a difficult year for so many. The Dealing with Grief series explores the impact Covid-19 has had on faith communities across England.

#BreaktheGlass: Speakers Announced

We are delighted to confirm that we will be joined by four exceptional role models over the next three weeks

Break the Glass with Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC

We will be joined by Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC