Diversity Programme


The Diversity day, supported by Mosaic, a mentoring initiative founded by HRH The Prince of Wales and the Times Education Supplement, was launched in 2014 by the Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Honourable Nick Clegg.  The Programme encourages young people from deprived and minority communities to visit cultural institutions and provides them with unique opportunities such as visits to St James Palace and Clarence House to learn about the rich heritage of diverse role models in Britain, like Princess Saphire Singh, who played a vital role in the Suffragette movement.

Despite a rise in numbers of visitors to museums and galleries there hasn’t been a significant impact on visitors from ‘socially excluded’ communities.  A Mori study in 2000 found that people with a degree are almost four times as likely to visit a gallery as those with no formal qualification.

Hina Bokhari, co-founder of the Foundation, ‘From a young age my father would take my brother and I to visit galleries, museums and the theatre.  This was an alien concept to most ethnic minority communities in those days and it helped broaden our horizons and enrich our education outside of the classroom.  We hope the Diversity Programme enables young people who have never visited a cultural institution feel that everyone can make a positive contribution to society.’

Diversity Day at the Tower of London

Wednesday 29th January, we had our first Diversity Day of 2020

Diversity Day at The Telegraph

Naz Legacy Foundation organised for fifteen young people to visit the Telegraph

Trustee Launches Special Mentoring Programme

Harris Bokhari OBE, spoke alongside the USA Ambassador