British Institutions and Charities

There are number of institutions which encourage positive integration into society.  This ranges from taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards or to learn about Britain and its past through the National Trust and English Heritage.  Working together, mixing with people from different cultures and backgrounds and learning about our heritage, helps us strengthen our communities in the UK.


Duke of Edinburgh Awards

National Trust

English Heritage


i.   Natural History

ii.  Science

iii. British

iv.  V&A

v.   Tate

vi.  National Portrait Gallery

The Victoria League 

RSA – Royal Society of Arts

Citizenship Foundation

Three Faiths Forum

Building Understanding through International Links for Development

UK One World Linking Association

Dealing With Grief

2020 has been a difficult year for so many. The Dealing with Grief series explores the impact Covid-19 has had on faith communities across England.

#BreaktheGlass: Speakers Announced

We are delighted to confirm that we will be joined by four exceptional role models over the next three weeks

Break the Glass with Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC

We will be joined by Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC