Dr Rowie Shaw appointed as chair


At the 5th annual reception, Harris Bokhari OBE announced Dr Rowie Shaw as the new chair of the Naz Legacy Foundation. A close friend of Naz Bokhari, Shaw has been a constant support and advisor to Mr Bokhari’s children. 

Hina Bokhari, joint founder and previous chair said: “Dr Shaw is an excellent choice for the foundation. Not only does she understand completely our values but her friendship and commitment to our family means that our father’s legacy will continue under her guidance. We are so thrilled Dr Shaw has agreed to take this position.” 

Dr Shaw said: ‘I have been delighted to support the Naz Legacy Foundation from the start and now delighted to be the new Chair. It has achieved a tremendous amount in its first 5 years and I know that it will continue to do so.  This is because of the expert chairmanship of Hina Bokhari, to whom we all send sincere thanks for all her hard work, and also due to the skill, passion and talent of Harris Bokhari who, with Hina, strives tirelessly to meet the aims of the Foundation. The principles of leadership, social integration and interfaith understanding have never been more important than they are today.”

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Dr Rowie Shaw appointed as chair

Dr Rowie Shaw has been appointed as new chair of the foundation

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