safe_image-3.php Mosaic: Ataulla Shegiwal Speech November 5th, 2012

Mosaic mentee Ataulla Shegiwal speaks about his mentoring experience
Continue reading

safe_image-2.php Mosaic: Celebrating Five Years November 5th, 2012

Everyone deserves a chance to achieve their full potential! Continue reading

safe_image.php Rachel Beckwith’s Last Wish Brings 60,000 Clean Water November 5th, 2012

Rachel Beckwith’s Last Wish Brings 60,000 Clean Water Continue reading

664815748 Usman Ali – Speaking At The Labour Party Conference October 2nd, 2012

Usman is the first person to speak after Ed Miliband at the opening of the Labour Party Conference Continue reading

2012-06-04_32x_Lutalo-Muhammad 2012 Olympic Hero Presents EBC Naz Bokhari Award September 25th, 2012

Olympic taekwondo bronze medalist Lutalo Muhammad presented the inaugural EBC Naz Bokhari Award Continue reading

248410_379554705447364_1801301136_n Better Community Business Network 2012 September 25th, 2012

HRH paid tribute to the generosity and support for Mosaic of the Better Community Business Network in his video message Continue reading

Mosaic Mosaic: A Year In Pictures 2011 – 2012 September 25th, 2012

This slideshow of images describes our year – better than words ever could Continue reading

RINGS London: Best Big City On Earth September 25th, 2012

London is the BEST big city on Earth Continue reading

376839_373883332681168_1190287542_n Support Your Paralympics Team September 25th, 2012

Support your Paralympics Team – the GAMES have come home! Continue reading

2012 Sport At Heart August 23rd, 2012

The film that set London on the road to success Continue reading

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