Boris Johnson – Speech December 23rd, 2013

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London hosts this year’s annual reception Continue reading

Lynton Crosby AO – Speech December 23rd, 2013

Lynton Crosby, dear friend and supporter of the foundation speaking at this year’s reception Continue reading

HRH The Prince of Wales: Message of Support October 29th, 2013

A video message by The Prince of Wales for the Naz Legacy Foundation Continue reading

Sir Edward Lister – Speech October 29th, 2013

Sir Edward Lister’s speech at annual reception Continue reading

Samuel Grzybowski – Interfaith World Tour October 22nd, 2013

Samuel Grzybowski, dear friend of the Naz Legacy Foundation, on his interfaith world tour Continue reading

Muhammed Furqan – Mosaic’s International Leadership Programme October 22nd, 2013

The Foundation is proud to be mentoring Muhammed Furqan Continue reading

Change their lives October 13th, 2013

Teach First – “One word, one line, can change somebody’s whole life” Continue reading

Imran elected as Vice President of Westminster University Law Society October 3rd, 2013

Winner of the inaugural Naz Bokhari Award is elected as Vice President Continue reading

EBC Student Produces Video Promo September 27th, 2013

Coverage of the Naz Bokhari Award 2013 Ceremony Continue reading

Omar Awarded Ernest Bevin College Naz Bokhari Award 2013 September 19th, 2013

Imran Sanaullah the inaugural winner of the Naz Bokhari Award presented the Ernest Bevin College Naz Bokhari Award 2013 to Omar Ouladissa Continue reading

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