Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP


Message of support for Naz Legacy Foundation

I would like to congratulate everyone involved with the Naz Legacy Foundation on its launch today.

The Labour Party has always stood up for the values of education and a more integrated, tolerant society, and these are values which ran through the life and work of Syed Nawazish Bokhari OBE.

Those values stood out in the dignified way he reacted to the racism he encountered working for a men’s clothing company in London soon after he arrived in Britain – not by getting angry, but simply be leaving to pursue his first love – academia and teaching.

And as the first Muslim headmaster of a British secondary school, those values stood out in the dignified way he reacted to the challenge of persuading parents to send their children to a school with a non-white headmaster – by simply making time to meet them and talking to them face to face.

He was known is his community as a role model, and was a great example of what one man can do to make his country a more equal, tolerant and better place to live.  He recognised the importance of an excellent education and did his best to ensure the pupils in his care received the best education regardless of their colour, relegion or background.  He gave pupils hope that they could achieve more, as I know from one of his pupils and a good friend of mine, Sadiq Khan MP, who went onto become the first Muslim to sit in Cabinet.

I wish the Foundation and all future recipients of the Naz Bokhari Award the best in promoting these values these values and continuing his legacy of excellence in education and positive integration into British Society.


Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP



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