Jane Ellison

I wanted to send my warmest good wishes for the launch of the Naz Legacy Foundation and the Naz Bokhari award which are both wonderful initiatives with the capacity to change many young lives for the better, something Naz Bokhari himself clearly did in an extraordinary career of public service to our Borough and our country.


Since my election in 2010 I have been struck constantly by the importance for young people of having a great education and positive role models. In particular, in this ‘X factor’ age we live in, when too many people believe there are easy shortcuts to success in life, an award which recognizes resilience and perseverance is to be very warmly commended.


I wish you an enjoyable evening celebrating a marvellous life and I look forward to working with the Naz Legacy Foundation in the future.


Naz Bokhari Award Winner 2019 Announced

Nadirah Alam has been announced as the 8th Naz Bokhari Award winner.

City of London Interfaith Gathering and Iftar 2019

Naz Legacy Foundation, in partnership with St Paul's Cathedral and the City of London

Interfaith Iftars Longitudinal Evaluation

For three-years running, The Naz Legacy Foundation,have presented an annual Interfaith event