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Founded in 2012, the Naz Legacy Foundation is a UK-based charity (Charity Registration Number:1183031) which seeks to promote excellence in education and positive integration into British society. The Foundation was established to continue the legacy of the late Naz Bokhari OBE.

Naz Bokhari was the first Muslim head of a secondary school, Ernest Bevin Secondary school for Boys and the first Muslim to be a senior judge at The Teaching Awards. He was also the first Muslim council member of The College of Teachers.

The Mayor of London, formerly the first Muslim cabinet minister, Rt Hon Sadiq Khan states that Naz Bokhari is partly the reason he achieved so much. Sadiq was thirteen when he met his new headmaster. Naz later became his mentor and friend, an inspirational role model.

Naz was known as the ‘gentlemanly head’ by his colleagues, ‘Mr Tooting’ by locals, a best friend to many, but most importantly an amazing father and husband. This Foundation has been set up by his family who wish to honour his life and good work. It hopes that like him, by promoting excellence in education and positively integrating in British society, we can all make an impact.

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Naz Bokhari Award Winner 2019 Announced

Nadirah Alam has been announced as the 8th Naz Bokhari Award winner.

City of London Interfaith Gathering and Iftar 2019

Naz Legacy Foundation, in partnership with St Paul's Cathedral and the City of London

Interfaith Iftars Longitudinal Evaluation

For three-years running, The Naz Legacy Foundation,have presented an annual Interfaith event